The Last Letter

So guys after EVERY SCHOOL LOVE…

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Guys today I will share a short story of my dearest friend who recently passed out 10 class and now going to Himachal Pradesh for his future studies……

He was studying in a school where the attitude of his classmates about him was not so good and even many of his classmates don’t even know his name. But in his science tuition, his personality was just opposite to it. He was very popular and a good student. In the tuition, there were two boys and four girls and infact he had a crush on one of them. Yes he was also a one sided lover. But he never proposed her or even had the courage to tell her. One of the reason was also that he was in fear of broken friendship he created.

But when the last day of his tuition, he decided to leave her and gave her a letter …….

What he wrote in the letter was

So finally that day comes when we have to leave each other, I don’t want to and I think you too. Every single second I spent with you was awesome. Your childish nature always make me near you.I can’t promise you that I will meet you daily but I always try to. You are not my gf but if you will be my bestie forever, I will not feel the need of any other girl. You are unique and no other one is like you. In new tuitions, you will find my replacement also, but mujhe ek Baar Bata Dena please taake mai aap se koi joothi oomeed naa rahe
And also you are very good poetess and a very good person.
Pls yaar jayada bora mat mana kar.
Hamesha har baat mee Khushi find Kiya kar, every thing happens for our betterment.
Always stay blessed and agar rokh Sako toh meri life mee hamesha Rehna.
Chaye mera standard tere se neehe haa but koshish karuga high kar lu
But I just want to say that I can’t find your replacement pls stay forever with me if you can……

Your friend


************Letter ended*************

Yes he doesn’t proposed her because he was in fear that if he proposed her and she said “NO” AND broken there friendship also he will never make her again.

He leaved the next day but their friendship still remains the same..

**************THE END****************

How was the short story pls let me know in the comments…….

And also if you have also have a crush on a girl, propose her but if she said”NO” respect her decision, there is always a reason.

Thanks for reading……..

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