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So guys after a great success of THE LAST LETTER…

I am Harsh Chandwani, from IT’S YOUR STORY

If you haven’t read it yet, you can read it 👇


Every person need some friends who can made our life. And in my life that place is achieved by only some guys.

Let me tell you a recent incident that prove that if you have a good friend, you can achieve anything in life…..

The story starts as I have a crush on a girl but as she has a boyfriend , I couldn’t even tried yet. My only two best friends know that I have a crush on that girl, they also ask me to tell her but due to the fear of losing her friendship also, I always change the topic but it was a true love, I don’t even see another girl from that eyes.

But I don’t even have a 1% chance. I know that her boyfriend was not a good person and also didn’t care about her and even I think he has another girlfriend but she has eyes closed trust on him.

On Dec 3, 2018 when they complete their first year relationship, her bf called me and ask to meet me. I went there, he want me to went to a gift shop with him to get a gift for her.

And his choice worse than the worst, he decided to buy a coffee mug that I know will not be liked by her so I regret, then as I follow her too much, I know that she will love to have a bracelet of her favorite quote. So I requested him to buy that.

It was hard to find but made possible by me.

Next day, 4th December 2018

He gifted her that bracelet but she didn’t believe that he, who never ever cared for, who usually don’t pick her call gifted her bracelet with her favorite quote. But that was reality. That day, I was very upset as both of them were so near and actually I felt jealous and I decided to leave her friendship also. As i don’t want her to leave someone for me or face another problem.

Days passed and comes

10th December 2018

When I was going to my tuition, she called me and asks me to talk to her. After simply hi hello, she asked me who purchased the bracelet for her. At once, I thought to tell her that he, the mad was buying a daily coffee mug even he didn’t know that she didn’t like coffee. But this would sounds bad for her and she can upset.

I tell her the lie that I don’t even know what she was talking about.

I went to my tuition and tell my best friends about all this. They advised me to tell the truth to her but not. This was the first time when I tell a lie to her.

Next day

11th December 2018

She called me and told to meet her. I went to her place. What was the scene there was not understand by me. I found her boyfriend going back from her with an angry face. When I went to her, she was also angry and asked me “WHAT HAPPENED TO ME” as I was ignoring her from her birthday. I just simply sorry and lied her that I was busy. I asked her what she called me…….

This question ended and tears come out of her eyes, I asked her what happen? And I was sure that she became aware of her new girlfriend. I found my chance but I thought that now she needed me as a friend not as a boyfriend. I spend one hour with her. But she didn’t believe him and called her almost 100 times. When I went to my home, I immediately called them (best friends) and tell them all them as both of them were in relation and had a better experience over this. Thy repeated the previous talk to let her know that I don’t want to be friend but more than that.

Next day,

They called me and told me a thing that can be broke our friendship

What they said is a surprise for you and me also………………


Wait for the next part, it will be up on 22st febrary 2019



In the story

Friends- Mayank Khanna, Vishwas Salaria

Narrator- Harsh Chandwani

Boyfriend- Jasveer Singh



Note- None of the personality in this story are real and very different in real life. If there is any inconveniences then please let us know in comments.

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The Last Letter

So guys after EVERY SCHOOL LOVE…

I am Harsh Chandwani, from It’s Your Story

If you haven’t read it yet, you can read it 👇


Guys today I will share a short story of my dearest friend who recently passed out 10 class and now going to Himachal Pradesh for his future studies……

He was studying in a school where the attitude of his classmates about him was not so good and even many of his classmates don’t even know his name. But in his science tuition, his personality was just opposite to it. He was very popular and a good student. In the tuition, there were two boys and four girls and infact he had a crush on one of them. Yes he was also a one sided lover. But he never proposed her or even had the courage to tell her. One of the reason was also that he was in fear of broken friendship he created.

But when the last day of his tuition, he decided to leave her and gave her a letter …….

What he wrote in the letter was

So finally that day comes when we have to leave each other, I don’t want to and I think you too. Every single second I spent with you was awesome. Your childish nature always make me near you.I can’t promise you that I will meet you daily but I always try to. You are not my gf but if you will be my bestie forever, I will not feel the need of any other girl. You are unique and no other one is like you. In new tuitions, you will find my replacement also, but mujhe ek Baar Bata Dena please taake mai aap se koi joothi oomeed naa rahe
And also you are very good poetess and a very good person.
Pls yaar jayada bora mat mana kar.
Hamesha har baat mee Khushi find Kiya kar, every thing happens for our betterment.
Always stay blessed and agar rokh Sako toh meri life mee hamesha Rehna.
Chaye mera standard tere se neehe haa but koshish karuga high kar lu
But I just want to say that I can’t find your replacement pls stay forever with me if you can……

Your friend


************Letter ended*************

Yes he doesn’t proposed her because he was in fear that if he proposed her and she said “NO” AND broken there friendship also he will never make her again.

He leaved the next day but their friendship still remains the same..

**************THE END****************

How was the short story pls let me know in the comments…….

And also if you have also have a crush on a girl, propose her but if she said”NO” respect her decision, there is always a reason.

Thanks for reading……..

In the story- *****

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Every school Love

So guys after a great success of a different love story…

I am Harsh Chandwani, from Perfect Yourself

If you haven’t read it yet, you can read it 👇

A Different love story

Today You will read that story which belongs to every student and I bet you will remember someone after reading it.
So without wasting time let’s continue to the story.

The story starts in the school assembly where me with my friends were talking about daily updates like all do (pata haa kal kya hua………..) Like that….

It has been one month in the school in a new class and with new students and that old ones. One girl came and she was so much beautiful that every single one was watching towards her. Some rumours come that she is new in the school and came to 10-A, and friends the talk is that I was in that section.
When all went to the class, I saw her and rumours became real, she was a new student. I was a very shy person so I don’t have the confidence to go to her and introduce myself. She was a very friendly and talkative girl and in some time she make many friends and became very popular in the class as well as in the school. I was not only one who has crush on her, there were many. Many were more attractive than me. But always I thought that there will be some probability that she would be mine.

Time moves on.

First semester was ended, I was a an above average student but not that much popular in the class. But as maths was my favourite subject, I was a topper in the class as well as in all the sections. I had a very good image in the eyes of my maths teacher, so I always complete my notebook of maths before the class. I thought that if whenever she wanted my maths notes, the intro can happen.
After she had come to our class, there was a major increase in my attendance, I was very less get absent in my class.
And one day, she comes to me and request for my notes, but that happen that every one sided lover face, I fumble a lot (that w w w which, o o ok). I was not in condition to introduce myself. I gave her the notes and she went back.
My heartbeat became faster, my hands were also . After 5 min of that I gave me that much bad words which I can’t expect, I can introduce myself and became her friend and that day I decided to increase my confidence and became her friend. Next day, she didn’t come to me and returned my notebook by her friend.

I was so much upset from myself that I want to straight to her and say that I like her but inside me said what if she said _NO_

That why I didn’t talk to her and I decided that it’s 10, let’s impress her by getting good marks. From that day I stick to only and only study. My parents also suprised my that much effort. The exams came , the good thing was that she was in my centre and in my class. Our eyes meet but we don’t connect. Every exam day this happens but me, I was a low confidence guy. Exams got over.

After 2 months
When we got our results, I scored very good marks, it was 91%, I was also suprised but it was reality.

After when we go back to school. As I took medical, I thought she would taken any other stream, it look in every class but she was not there, some girls say that she didn’t scored good marks and that’s why had to left our school. I became upset, I think if that I said that she can be mine but make my heart feel that she didn’t came to my life.

I continued my study and tried to forget her. When ever I memorize her, I forgot her using my
Link 👇


One day my mom told me go to a tuition centre where her friend’s girl was study. I agreed her after lots of Hassel. When I was going to the tuition centre, I found her in the street of my tuition, she was the same before she was 2 months ago, that much beautiful and that much gorgeous.
But again, my confidence goes down and my heartbeat goes up. But this time she came to me and said ” You are Harsh, Right ”
I fumble and said yes
She was talkative so she started asking me about my results and school, in 5min, I was also became comfortable and get in my form. The conversation goes for almost an hour. I thought I should say that I like her but my heart stops me that she will also break the friendship.
She has to go back to home, she leaves me saying that you are very cute and a very good friend. She opens her hand for handshake but my hand was shaking and I slowly start taking my hand towards her, she understand it and snached my hand towards her and we both leave after a long handshake…..
I came back home with a very good mood, after all she is my crush.

But what happened in the house guys, my mom asked how was the tuition, then what should I said I spent 1 hour talking to my crush.

I lied my mom that I don’t liked it. I was very happy and I can’t believe that I spent 1 hour talk with her.

That day I didn’t sleep, I spend the whole night thinking about her and after a Hassel night, I decided to that I should continue friendship with her, not more than that.

From that day, I didn’t met her again, some say that her father transferred to another state.

Bas itne se thee yeh khani

Written and edited by- Harsh Chandwani

The boy in the above story – unknown

Thanks for reading the story, if you like the story. So apko kiske yaad aayee, pls leave a comment how your story goes on……….

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A Different Love Story part-2

So guys! After a long wait I am going to share the second part….

Note- The incident and identity are not real and not dedicated to anyone…………… Thank you

If you have not read the first part yet, you should read the first part at

A Different love story

So, In the last part I went Delhi to meet her. When we reached the building, and stand before the lift. When the lift opens guess what happened. She was standing in the lift, the surprised face was so lovely and also it was the first time when I met her after our relationship. She wanted to hug me but my mother was also standing there. I introduce her to my mother. Mom was very impressed her after the first meeting as she was a very religious girl and always respect others.

In evening, I was waiting for her from the last half an hour. When she came she was so beautifully dressed in red skirt. We sat on bench and didn’t talk for ten minutes. The words were in mouth but didn’t come out of it. Then she started the conversation. And this conversation went on till almost 2 hours. I gifted her the ear rings and bracelet that I purchased for her. The saying of her are still in my mind”तुम्हे क्या लगा मुझे तुमसे यह सब चाहिए, I only wanted respect and a positive response from you and a person who understand my talks and thinks and you are, the one who can do them!!!” . At that time I understand that she is the girl for me. I can’t forget that rain dance with when the whole building went to dance in the rain that moment which I can’t forget till I die.

These talks were regular till I return back. On the day of going back when I went to her, for the first time I saw tears in her eyes and she requested me not to go but it was necessary. She gifted me a watch which I still have. I took promise from her that she will never cry again.

Then I returned to my home.

The face to face talks became facebook talks. I share everything with her and she also shares with me. When the results were live of class 10, she was the second one to whom I called. First one was my father. She got 93% marks and was very happy for me also.

Then the month came when I have to go my sister’s house again for holidays i.e. June. I was very happy and I told her that date when I have to go to the Delhi she was very happy as I was returning to her and I was also excited to meet her. But this time luck was not with us as she was going to Bengaluru but will return after 5 days. I went to my sister’s house and in the evening when I went on a walk in park. This time she surprised me as she was lying and not going to Bengaluru. She was sitting on a bench with her mother, she went to me with her mother and introduce me. This time when I saw her she was dressed in my favourite wear i.e punjabi suit that she specially buy for my wish. It was not decided but that day I was also dressed in kurta and with coincidence the same colour. Her mother was busy so she go from there but she was that much impressed with me. As she(my gf) was hungry,her mother asks me to go with her and have some food. At that day we clicked almost 100 photos. And one of that is still with me.

We went to a mall and went for shopping, she gifted me a T-shirt and I gifted her a dress. It was the day that I can’t forget in my life. Her beautiful heart and her unlimited talks.
On 22 June 2018, she came to me in morning, it was understood by me that something had happened. She didn’t speak for almost an hour but I continue to ask her what happened and what she replied, was not understand by me. She said ” This relationship between us is not appropriate and we are not that much that we can become gf-bf . I asked her the reason. She said that we are very young to live in a relationship, and she didn’t want to continue it. She didn’t wait for a while and walked away. She blocked me up and didn’t talk me again. I cried and deactivate my instagram and whatsapp. I tried to talk to my friend M….. But when I called him, she was straight from me. I cried for all night and days, locked myself in the room. As my sister with whom I share all the things happened between us, she asked me that “you should never care about who don’t care about you”. It takes 2 weeks for me to gain my initial. I deleted all the photos of her from my phone and hard disk. Wanted to delete every memory with her from my heart but can’t do it.

I returned to my home in Ludhiana and back to my real life. I would to like to thank my friends to get me out of this depression. I was in contact with my friend who was in her class. I thought she was having the same condition like but in actually she was very happy and don’t care about me.

And thanks to my #skullcandy anti headphones which helped me-


She was very beautiful so anyone can be in a relationship. But she proposed my best friend(jassi) but she didn’t know that he was my best friend who knows everything. Jassi ask her for some time and called me tell me all this. So, as a best friend, I ask to do what ever he wants, but I don’t know he was that much loyal in friendship. Jassi went to her and give her a rose when she was standing with her friends but what he speaks next was ” I love you but as a sister” I can understand her situation and when I got to know about this happening, I can’t stop myself from laughing. That day she also unblocked me but this time I was changed I BLOCKED her.

Our talks was stopped, she continued her life and i on my life. One day, when me and Jassi and me were on a video call, I got to know that she was not the topper of class and didn’t score 94% but only 72% and my more lies that she said to me. She went to a new relationship but the guy he choose was not like me and her luck was not there this time. Her family read her chats a with her new bf and her family send her to London to her uncle.

I decided to unblock her and after one day her message comes to which I replied her. She understand her mistake now but now I was that Harsh who was there for her every time she needs. She again started sending love posts but not again. I decided not to see her message. She also tried to call me but she failed. Still now she tried to contact me but now I am changed. Now, I reply to her but when I didn’t have anyone free,she still tried to have a relationship with me but I never repeat my mistakes again.

So that’s the story when I need her she rejected me. When she need me I REJECTED her.

How you like the story please tell me commenting down and like the blog…….

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A Different Love Story

Welcome back to the blog page of perfect yourself…..

Today I will tell you about my first love. Yes it’s my love story that ended recently

So let’s not waste time and head on to the love story

It starts in the month of October 24, 2017 when I was in Delhi in my sister’s house preparing for a marriage function. In evening, as I felt bored I decided to go the nearby park and have a walk and there I saw her first time. She was doing stretching and I was in love at first sight with her. But as usual I was very shy I could not talk to her. And saw her from a 100 m distance. The introduction with her the first task for me and I am very thankful to my that friend who introduce me to that girl. Next day After a huge effort I found her instagram account and send the request but three days passed and she didn’t accept it I thought she was not at all interested in friendship with me. But t zee

he exactly next day, when I was sitting on a chair of park, she came and sit with me and asked me about my class and school. I was not in place to talk with her but I answered her with fumble. She understood that I was not comfortable and asked me “Are you comfortable??” Then I tried to make myself the original me and talked to her confidently. These talks continue in morning and evening in park. As the day comes when I have to go back home, the told her this and she requested me to get my phone which I doesn’t have at that time so she took out her phone and take my phone no. And I asked her why you didn’t accept my instagram request then she said her id has been hacked and she doesn’t used it since 3 months. Then I went back to Ludhiana.

We talk to each other daily. Sometimes, the talks were so long as 3 hour. We become best friends from friends then to bff.the

Then it comes 7th Feb 2018, we didn’t talk to each other from few days. At night, a message came “hi” from her ,I instantly replied to her. Then she asked me who will I purpose this valentine day, as there was no girl in my life. I replied her the true. Then she asked something that I can’t expect from her. She said if she proposed me what is my decision. I was very shocked but I replied “YES”. Then she was off-lined.

I thought she is angry with me for this I called her and send her many messages but she didn’t reply once I thought it was the end of our friendship. She even stop seeing my messeges I contacted to my friend who lived there but he also started ignoring me.

On 14th feb 2018, valentine day, I got a call from an unknown no. , when I pikes up the phone he was a boy’s voice and asked me start my internet connection, I tried to ask him about his name but the phone cut down. As directed I opened my internet connection and I got a video call of my friend who introduce me to her but after I picked up the call. The face was of her and without wasting time I said sorry about the yes but she asked me to be quiet and I saw a low confidence on her face. I asked why so…..

Someone hold the phone and she had a red rose In her hand and that moment happened which I cannot thought to be happened, yes, she proposed me. It took me 2 min to believe it and then I said YES

After I said yes she cut the phone. I message my friend. Their she replies she told me it was a big planned that she will not pick my phone call and didn’t reply me.

When I called her the next day, she said I want to talk to you and guess what at the middle of the night we talked for almost 2 hours. She get me promised that I will never told anyone about our affair and didn’t see any other girl except me.

This things and talks move on till 5th of march as both of us had board exams, we didn’t chat regularly but for r 5 to 10 min every day and sometimes we don’t talk to each other. This all goes till 26th march when we had our last exam.

Then comes 9th april when me and my family decided to go to Delhi to meet my sister. I was very happy from inside as this not planned my me to meet her and wanted to give her a surprise………….

The end of part 1……

Sorry guys,If I tried to write the whole story the it will become so long and you could lose your interest.


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Harsh Chandwani


10 Things you should do before you turn 30

If you are a youngster and want a beautiful life. Even if you are not, you should finally start planning your carrer and want to do some exciting things. You should reap all benefits of all the hard work you had to put before………..

So let’s start……….

  1. Learn a new language- Please I am not talking about learn english… NO english should be learn to you before. I am talking about spanish, french and etc. You should learn simple words and phrases of these language so that if you travel to these countries atleast you can talk them and understand what they are saying.

  2. Start exercising- Yes, you should do a daily workout or go for a walk. when you turn 20 , a huge pressure comes on you and to handle this you should be physically and mentally active.

  3. A trip with friends- You should also once go for a weekend trip with you friends, this could be a group trek or hiking that will make a awesome memory in your mind that you will play for your children.

  4. Ace your favourite dishes at home..- for example if you love a burger then you should learn how to make a burger at home in different styles and adding different things at every time.

  5. Learn how to invest- It does not matter how much do you earn or not. You should know which is the best way to increase your income .

  6. invest in property- No matter how much land you can afford but you should invest in property because this is the best time to buy a property.

  7. Travel with your parents- You should not only travel with your friends but also with your parents. the looks on there face during travelling will never forget and they will be so happy.

  8. Throwing house party for your close friends- This will give you some experience and you will learn how to present someone your hidden talent.

  9. learn how to drive- no matter you have car or not you should learn how to drive a car because this creates a self confidense in your mind.

  10. Learn how to file your tax-you should know how to file you income tax or learn the basics but get a good accountant.

Thanks for reading …

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How to grow your Instagram account……

Hi guys!!! I, Harsh Chandwani here

Hope all you guys are doing well and enjoying their life

There are a lot videos that tell us how to grow or increase our followers in a couple of seconds..

But guys it is not true. Some apps can do so but it is very risky to login your Instagram account in that app

#growfollowers etc

So guys today I will tell some steps to grow your Instagram account……

Let’s start

Hi guys!!! I, Harsh Chandwani here

  1. Never Try Apps To Gain followers- A lots a youngster use apps to gain followers, Most of them do not work and the other that do that, Can hack or send some messages to your friends that can cause a lots of problems for you. They once can give you followers but they are ghost followers, who are not active and do not like or follow you. But if you want a large number of follower and you do not care about engagement, you can go for it.
  2. Post Regularly- Yes, posting one photos photo in a week can help your account to grow your account. You should post one photo of you and your friends or family so that people would not leave you. But you should not post regularly because every do not like to comment everyday to one person. You can add story everyday , there is no restritions on story.
  3. Hashtags Secrets- using hashtags to your photos increase the chance of getting more more likes and comments on your photo. You can also use apps for hashtags ,therev are a number of apps that do that. The hashtags you use should be famous and less number ofpeople should post on it .
  4. Always Comment- You should also do not hasitate to comment on others posts. The cahnce is that the followers of the person can follow you and you may increase popularity. And also like every post on your inatgram account.
  5. Use fanpages– You can also folow some of the famous personalities like Salman khan and Parmish verma, who have great number of fanpages and followers who will defenaitly follow you.this is the most effecient mode to grow your account.
  6. Follow, follow back and unfollow- This is the main trick used by teenagers and new instagramers, they first follow someone and when that person follow them then they unfollow the person’s account . This is the worse trick to use because the person may get hurt and report your account and he also inform other people about this and you may lose your precious followers.
  7. Time of posting– it is a vey important which time you post your photo . The best time is in early morning and in late evening . let me ask you one question what you do after waking up in the morning

All of you might see your instagram account right!!!!!!!!!!!

So post your photo in early morning or late evening………

  1. Inform about your post- after uploading your post, post a story on your account so that people who are following a great number of people can get an info about this. Do not show your post in your story and also always give your account description init.

So, I think it is enough for today……….

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